Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Reasons to Attend a Devon Avenue Food Tour

Devon Aveue Gandhi Marg street sign

Yearn to make spirited Indian meals at home, but not sure where to start?  

Then join us for a Culinary Tour of Devon Avenue! 

Explore “Little India” with a trained chef who grew up eating & cooking Indian food

As a child, I grumbled about having to eat home cooked Indian dishes day after day. (“Really, mom. Rice again?") Over time, I slowly, but surely, learned to appreciate my Indian roots, thanks to the comforting aromas wafting out of my mom’s kitchen. I also learned to cook up a mean curry. The Culinary Tour of Devon Avenue is designed to share my passion for Indian home cooking and to inspire and empower food lovers, like you.

Bags of cardamom

Shelves with spices

Find the freshest, most affordable spices

You’ll need a mix of spices to make authentic Indian dishes at home. Don’t let that intimidate you! During the tour, I’ll lead you to cardamom, turmeric, ajwain, and other spices and show you how to select, store, and prepare them. 

Jalepeno peppers

Sliced jackfruit

Track down hard-to-find ingredients

Together, we’ll peruse grocery aisles in pursuit of fiber-rich lentils, aged basmati rice, coconut oil, and other ingredients you’ll need to make your favorite Indian dishes – be they vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or fit for a carnivore. 

Savory biscuits

Enjoy a bit of snacking along the way

Indians love to treat their guests with sweet and savory snacks. To honor that tradition, we’ll stop by a snack shop to sip on rich masala tea and indulge in a few munchies. 

Iysha kochamma's chicken curry

Recreate the flavors of India at home

By tour’s end, you will be armed with secrets that I have learned from cooking (and eating) innumerable home cooked Indian meals and from traveling to Kerala, the spice capital of India. You’ll also have three of my favorite family recipes in hand so you can continue your Indian culinary adventure at home. 

Imagine all of that for less than the cost of a night out!  
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