Friday, May 17, 2013

Culinary Tour of Devon Avenue

Uthapam: Gluten-free bread

Shopping on Devon

Tour Chicago's "Little India"

Over the last decade, I’ve helped many of my friends navigate their way through Chicago’s most exotic commercial center. The shops on Devon Avenue offer a vast array of unique ingredients, making it the destination spot for anyone that wants to explore India’s food ways and create an authentic Indian meal. 

Basmati rice and fresh produce

I’ve led novice cooks, gourmands (and everyone in between) to peppery curry leaves, bumpy bitter melon, and fresh cardamom. I’ve helped them find feather soft atta flour for chapathis and basmati rice for fluffy pilaf. Together, we play, learn, and explore what feels like one of Bombay’s bustling side streets.  

Fresh mangoes and papayas and steel tiffins (lunchboxes)

I’m always thrilled to share my knowledge having longed for an ambassador, coach, and tour guide to help me discover hidden culinary treasures nestled in Chicago’s other ethnic neighborhoods. 

Produce, Lord Ganesh, and gluten-free snack mix

Beginning the week of June 23, 2013, I will begin offering a 2-hour Culinary Tour of Devon Avenue to assist home cooks and food lovers who want to create spirited Indian meals at home. The tours will include stops at my favorite supermarkets as well as tip guides for selecting and storing spices and copies of my favorite family recipes. I’ll provide you with more details in the coming weeks (here and in my newsletter) about this exciting adventure! If you’d like to receive my newsletter, please email me at

Shopping on Devon
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