Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackened Catfish

Susan Pachikara (COPYRIGHT 2011)

There are many misconceptions that keep people from stepping into the kitchen. One is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get a tasty meal on the table. Admittedly, there are some dishes that require a real time commitment (like a souffle). But there are hundreds of other mouthwatering dishes that can be prepared before the delivery makes it to the front door. Blackened catfish is one of them.

Susan Pachikara (COPYRIGHT 2011)
It's simple, really. Just pull together a rub with a few herbs and spices, coat some fish, and pan-fry it. I love this recipe from Gourmet. The last time I made it, I was out of thyme and too lazy to run to the store. It was still full of flavor.

Susan Pachikara (COPYRIGHT 2011)

If you're really short on time, buy a pre-made Cajun spice rub. I recommend picking one up from a gourmet grocery store like Whole Foods or a spice shop, if possible. Beware of rubs that are packed with salt or full of flavorless fillers like corn starch.

Susan Pachikara (COPYRIGHT 2011)

Steam a side of peas. Set the table. I promise, you'll enjoy dinner.
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